Tutankhamon tomb closure seal

About twenty years ago at a shipping agency we saw a strange metal band, it had a strange flat head on top and had three letters with four numbers … we asked what it was and were told that there was a security seal, belonging to a container line for which the agency was operating.
Since that time we have searched in the past, we found, among others, the seal of King Tutankhamon and have understood that this item has always been fundamental in the process of sealing in the history. After the tragedy of  September 11th  we have looked then to the future and in particular to the electronics applied to security seal.
We therefore welcome you to this site where you will find not only seals to buy but a valuable help to choose the closest locking system to your needs: plastic or metal seals, envelopes, labels or bags, we are at your complete disposal to assist you in choosing and purchasing. In fact, at least for the moment, no seal closes by itself!

The Company

We are people with an innovative concept of security and have been working in this field since 1998.
All that we know, what we have learned, our know-how, we make it available on our blog, with the products choice that we offer. Our mission is to offer technical support that will allow you to choose the security system that suits your needs. A security seal is in fact a small detail critical to optimize the entire process of logistics and ensure the safety of your goods from start to arrival.
We are located in the beautiful Tuscany and we are at your disposal to advise you if you have goods to be sealed and want to know what is the most appropriate model.
The security seals are packaged in small or large quantities, according to your needs. This also allows you to do more articulated orders with different products and quantities.