About Us

Specialists in security seals and products, always at your service

Security Seals and More is a brand of Etti Sicurezza Srl, a reputable and efficient company specialized in the production and customization of seals and other security products since 1998. Our main strength is customer care. We understand that the choice of seals and security bags is crucial for the safety of transported goods, and for this reason, we are committed to providing our customers with detailed product information, as well as real-time support and assistance. Thanks to innovative production solutions, we can create draft prints and process urgent orders in very short timeframes. Located in Rosignano Marittimo (LI) in Tuscany, halfway between the sea and the hills, we are ready to serve you wherever you are.

Customer care

Customer care is our strenght: because product quality is key-and ours are excellent and certified-but explaining its proper use and following the customer step by step is also important.

Speed and efficiency

Our innovative production lines and efficient staff enable us to produce and deliver drafts and rush orders for both seals, envelopes, and adhesive security pockets in record time. Orders by noon leave the same day!

Experience and expertise

Our staff – 15 people who are part of the ETTI security family – specialize in 17712 security standards affecting seals and are specially trained and prepared to answer any sealing questions and solve your problems.


Thanks to our specialized team and agile organization, we can create personalized products with logos and graphics, as well as tailor-made solutions and products to meet your specific needs.


We support you in choosing the most suitable security solution for your needs. We are not just a seller, but a partner.


We create security products with a fast turnaround time and an excellent quality-to-price ratio, including customized options. Where others see problems, we see opportunities.


We do not abandon you after purchase, but follow you to make the best use of our products and offer real-time support.

“We are a small cog in the machinery that is your company, but we are proud to participate and contribute with dedication and expertise in this daily adventure that is work and life.”

Bruna Ferretti, CEO