Portal UHF RFID que indentifica etiquetas e precintos RFID UHF


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The highly anticipated promo package allows you to buy:

1000 adjustble plastic seals 3.5mm diameter length 40 cm numbered entirely made of recycled plastic and renewable energy
500  safety bags one time use with  numbering 20x 29 cm with void tape and removable receipt that you can dispose of in the appropriate plastic container as pure polyethylene.
1000 adhesive bags packing list 24×18 cm for cartons from dispose of the plastics in the appropriate container
the package will allow you to have everything you need for sealing in one shot.

the entire lot costs only euro 140,00! for 2500 pieces.

The plastic seals are numbered, the disposable security bags are numbered, the packing lists are ready to use!

**Everything in stock** and with a welcome gift.

These On Line Seals security products allow a responsible use of plastics. Unfortunately, our world needs plastic, but it has to come from plants that reuse plastic and recycle it and allow its disposal.

The security bags are self-sealing and generally made of plastic.

This range of safety items is called BIO because it comes from MADE IN ITALY and ISO 9001:2015 as well as ISO 14001 that produce in respect of the environment.


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