In the active systems we have introduced a new version that if you want you can use just one time!
The  electronic active systems on the market today are well known and use the GPS (Global Positioning System) to know where a vehicle is located.
Thanks to the satellites that circumnavigate the globe the accuracy of knowing where we are is almost in the measure of less than two meters!
These systems are called active because they have their own battery to transmit and receive signals from satellites.
The great news developed by ETTI SICUREZZA is in the fact that this system can be use just one time.
Sometimes the logistics problem of returning the system back is very expensive so disposable becomes the most optimal choice.
The ACTIVE GPS-GSM MONOUSE PICASSO SYSTEM is special and combines the characteristics of the tracking function of the position of the container itself with the response of the system.
And it can be interrogated at special intervals and gives its position.
It looks like a strong, waterproof box, containing a GPS detector for the determination of the earth’s position and a GSM radio for sending data.
It is easy to install because it contains a powerful magnet inside to attach it to the walls of the container or wagon or vehicle chosen.
The active single-use GPS-GSM system contains a GSM radio capable of sending SMS or data messages containing the detected position and time of detection. The sending of this data can be configured at preset time intervals or can be requested remotely.
The GSM radio uses a SIM set only for SMS and data traffic, preloaded with 100 SMS or 100MB of data, values that can be updated remotely as needed.
In this way, the active GPS-GSM disposable system allows you to set up an automatic container tracking system: for example, receiving on a computer the coordinates of the tracking sent by the device and the times you can view the actual path of the container on an interactive map such as Google Map.
You can also delimit an area and receive alarm messages if the container is travelling outside this area.
The active disposable GPS-GSM system can be configured both on the frequency of the position readings to be stored in the internal memory and on the frequency of the consignments to be made, since these are the characteristics that condition the duration of the internal battery that feeds it, which can last, depending on the setting of these frequencies, from a few days to a few months.
When the destination is reached, the file of the stored data can be downloaded from the seal and with this trace the path and the actual times of the shipment for a check of the kilometres travelled and of the consumptions.
The active GPS-GSM disposable system can be deactivated remotely at any time so as to make it unusable.
simply sticks with a magnet on trucks or containers.
and it is supplied ready to work but you can set up by the laptop or by your mobile phone.
With this system, an extra strong security seal  for trucks or wagons can be used to close the handles.see HIGH SECURITY CABLE LOCK 5MM DIAMETER  oor for containers theHIGH SECURITY BARSEAL BRIAREO SYSTEM

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