Active seal with detection sensor



An active seal with detection sensor placed inside a container can control the temperature, the brightness or the humidity, recording measurements and detection times, therefore allows the consecutive reading.

The new family of active seal with detection sensor introduces a greater number of possible controls on shipments. In fact, by configuring the seal with one of these sensors, it is possible to check the parameters recorded for the entire delivery period.

The sensor inserted in this security seal can be a temperature, a brightness or a humidity one and has a memory as well on which it does store the measured parameters and timings of detection (date and precise time).

The file of the measurements and timings detected by the sensor during the shipment can be read from distance on a device equiped with a simple reader connected to a computer or directly via Bluetooth with a tablet or smartphone using an appropriate app, in order to read it straight away or to download it.

The seal with detection sensor can be reset to be reused on another shipment and can be easily fixed on the inside walls of the container using a powerful magnet.

The seal with sensor is powered by an inner battery that can last up to several months. Of course, it depends on how often the frequency detection of the measured parameters is set. It can be successively recharged along a special maintenance procedure.

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