Adjustable dual-lock plastic security seals Gemini

Adjustable dual-lock plastic security seals Gemini

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Adjustable dual-lock plastic security seals Gemini

Pull tight plastic security seal with double closure, offering a high level of security. Ideal for transportation, ring bags, and containers.

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Adjustable dual-lock plastic security seals Gemini

The Gemini double-lock plastic seal is part of the high-security Gemini double-lock seal range. It can be closed only once or, if needed, you can use the second lock by inserting the tail into the other slot, ensuring absolute tamper-evidence.

With a width of 4.5mm, it can be used in various situations. The length of over 40 cm provides the possibility to seal distant holes or bags with a very large opening or with rings, as well as all types of transport.

Double-lock seals are customizable with laser printing, ensuring an unalterable print, allowing faithful reproduction of logos and/or designs. A barcode or datamatrix can be added, and they come with basic progressive numbering. If necessary, a small inscription like SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE can be added for additional security.

Gemini plastic double-lock security seals are produced in strips of 10 pieces and packaged in bags or cardboard according to the quantity required. Various colors are available, including white, yellow, and green.

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