Adjustable dual lock security seal Gemini 4

Adjustable dual lock security seal Gemini 4

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Adjustable dual lock security seal Gemini 4

Plastic seals with dual-lock closure and progressive adjustable tightening. Ideal for securing curtain-side truck fasteners or large-sized bags.

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Adjustable dual lock security seal Gemini 4

Here is a new adjustable dual lock security seal, the GEMINI 4. In the range of adjustable security seals, it is one of the most versatile, with a width of 6.5mm to pass through all the cable ends of curtain-sided trucks or to seal large bags.

These are progressive adjustable tightening security seals.

The double locking system allows maximum security for greater attention to closure. You can close it the first time and then have it closed a second time by another trusted person. This way, the seal has been closed by TWO people, both of whom are responsible for the correct sealing.

Furthermore, it has a metal insert in both closures and a compact head.

The length of 37 cm allows it to be used in various situations. Also, these security seals are laser-marked, and the customization and numbering print are indelible.

Moreover, it is a plastic seal with a label holder, useful for inserting additional data on a tag.

The GEMINI 4 plastic seals are produced in strips of 10 pieces for better control of numbering. Today, more and more customers are discovering seals in plastic with double locking!

For personalized quotes or larger quantities, we are at your disposal!

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