Aries 100 adjustable plastic seals

Aries 100 adjustable plastic seals

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Aries 100 adjustable plastic seals

Aries 100 adjustable plastic seals are easy-to-close, reliable and secure adjustable warranty seals.

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The adjustable plastic ARIES 100 seal is one of our main adjustable plastic seals. It encompasses all the primary basic functions of sealing – it closes securely, is robust, features an ergonomic head with laser printing. Its length of 45 cm makes it ideal for various uses (if it is too long, it can be cut once closed).

ARIES 100 seals are particularly suitable for sealing large bags and, like all security seals, are single-use. Easy to use, they can be inserted without the need for any tools, but a pair of scissors is required to break the seal.

The adjustable plastic seals in this category are customizable through laser printing, ensuring that the print remains unchanged, allowing faithful reproduction of logos or designs.

Barcode or datamatrix codes can be added, and they come with progressive numbering as a standard feature. In the case of progressive numbering, a small inscription such as SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE is included for added security.

These adjustable plastic ARIES 100 seals are produced in strips of 10 pieces and packaged in pouches or cardboard, depending on the quantity needed for your requirements.

Various colors are available, including white, yellow, green, and blue.

ARIES 100 seals supplied in strips of 10 pieces make it easier for the operator to check the numbering and follow the sealing process, for example, from 11 to 20, from 111 to 120, from 10,501 to 10,510, etc.

For large quantities, please contact us for a competitive offer!

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