Adjustable seals with metal insert Giotto Short

Adjustable seals with metal insert Giotto Short

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Adjustable seals with metal insert Giotto Short

Progressive tightening plastic seal with metal insert, adjustable. Made from recycled plastic. Also suitable for e-commerce and supermarkets.

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Adjustable seals with metal insert Giotto Short

The GIOTTO SHORT range are cheaper plastic seals that join  the characteristic of having a closing mechanism  or locking system with a metal rosette insert so very easy to close without any kind of tool.
Once closed, the blade of the insert wedges into the tail of the seal.

The more it is pulled, the more impossible it is to re-open or tamper with it leaving clearing traces.
The entire range of GIOTTO adjustable seals with metal insert are perfectly smooth and newly designed. *recycled plastic products* are part of the organic range intended to help the environment thanks to the fact of the cycle of reuse plastics for a percentage of more then 40%.
The main purposes  for us  as producers in conceiving and creating a perfectly functional plastic security seal is that once used it is destroyed in its essential parts, that’s why the seals are always called one time use.
Once placed it must proof  that there has been an unauthorized opening from not your staff!
Every time you buy seals from us you will find a small leaflet with a kind of “vademecum” that will allow you to better manage your seals!

this abstract is  a summary of regulations caming from ISO 17712:2013.


The seals of the GIOTTO SHORT range can be printed in any way: with numbering up to 12 digits, with logo or with special prints, on an area of 36 x 19 mm.

Barcode and qcode also available.
Obviously the whole GIOTTO range allows you to have customized seals, for requests you can contact us directly for special offer also for large quantities
The GIOTTO SHORT  adjustable seals with metal insert are available in various colors and are about 30 cm long with a diameter of 3.8.
The GIOTTO plastic tubular seals are available in three lengths:
There is therefore the version GIOTTO LONG of 41.6 mm plastic seals with metal insert of 40 cm if you need a plastic long security seals click here
While if you need longer we even have a version of 49 cm GIOTTO EXTRA LONG plastic seal click here

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