All purpose pull tight plastic seals Caravaggio Long

All purpose pull tight plastic seals Caravaggio Long

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All purpose pull tight plastic seals Caravaggio Long

Adjustable security seal. The Leonardo Long adjustable pull-tight seal is made from recycled plastic. Durable and compact.

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All purpose pull tight plastic seals Caravaggio Long

The plastic adjustable seal CARAVAGGIO LONG may be used in every situation where you cannot use a tube-shape adjustble seal.

The CARAVAGGIO LONG all purpose pull tight plastic seals have a knurled tubular diameter of about 3.0 mm and an overall length of 425 mm, they are suitable for all those situations where a good dose of safety is sufficient but easy to apply.

It offers great resistance for all uses where good traction is required in small dimensions.

The CARAVAGGIO LONG adjustable plastic seal is part of our new BIO range and is produced in recycled plastic, in the head of the seal there is a small hole suitable for inserting a possible tag with the necessary information on the sealed goods.

CARAVAGGIO LONG warranty seals can be customized with writings and logos. It is also possible to print a barcode, but in this case, we always recommend a seal in white colour to allow a better reading of the barcode.

The standard supply includes a progressive numbering and the inscription SEALED. They are supplied in strips of 10 pieces and in envelopes or cardboard according to the required quantity and are available in various colours.

They can truly be used in multiple applications such as land transport, agriculture, food industry, large-scale distribution and bag closing.

The Caravaggio seal is also available in the short version: visit the CARAVAGGIO SHORT.

If you need larger quantities, we advise you to contact us in order to save money and have an ad hoc offer!

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