Aluminium seals Clipseal

Aluminium seals Clipseal

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Aluminium seals Clipseal

Aluminium clip seal with aluminum clip. Essentially an aluminum seal. Also ideal for clothing and the food industry.

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Aluminium seals Clipseal

The CLIP SEAL is a numbered aluminum self-locking security seal, extremely easy to use.

Among metal seals, those aluminium seals Clipseal with aluminum clips are among the most economical, essentially similar to numbered aluminum seals. They can be applied without the need for tools or accessories, simply closing them with hand pressure, and the only way to open them is by breaking them.

Clip Seal aluminum seals find application in various sectors, such as clothing and food, especially for sealing organic products.

The clip seal is entirely made of aluminum, making it recyclable. It can be customized with your logo and numbered progressively up to a maximum of 6 digits. However, the minimum quantity required for customized aluminum seals is 10,000 pieces; we recommend contacting us for this option.

Aluminum clip seals are packaged in convenient bags of 1000 pieces, with numbering indicated on the outer bag.

The aluminum clip seal must be applied to a wire or string (not included).

Customization: Print up to 6 characters.

Faithful reproduction of your logo.

Progressive numbering: up to 6 digits.

Available colors: Aluminum, Gold, Green, Red, Blue.

You can separately purchase the stainless steel or zinc-coated wire.

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