Anchor security seals Securbox

Anchor security seals Securbox

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Anchor security seals Securbox

Nylon seal for fire extinguishers, fire hose and fire-fighting devices.

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Anchor security seals Securbox

Anchor security seals Securbox can be supplied without integral or pre-assembled sealing thread.

may be it seems complicated but following those simples instructions where the capsule is connected to the locking anchor by a thread. When the anchor is inserted under pressure in the capsule, it is impossible to remove it without leaving any tamper evidences. Made in nylon  the plastic Anchor seals are numbered and customized on demand.

On Anchor seals the numbering is made by laser

This product is fully conceived and manufactured in Italy

Used on a vaste range of  security application including fire-exintiguisher  and fire hose.

Anchor seal is in the Indicative seals class as per Iso 17712:2013 regulations:

indicative seal
seal that is constructed and manufactured of material that can easily be broken by hand or by using a simple snipping tool or shear

Anchor seals without sealing thread can be use also with sealing wire.

Kindly specify at the moment of the order if with or without sealing thread.

Always in stock pre-numbered, starting customs ancor seals from 5.000 pieces

Quick and easy to use, no tools required,  it is durable, unaffected by cold or heat to open air.

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