Bolt lock seals for containers TAURUS seal ISO 17712:2013

Bolt Lock Seal Container Handle

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The perfect product for maritime containers! High security bolt lock seals TAURUS SEAL was the first to obtain the C-TPAT ISO 17712:2013 designated as a high security seal (HSS).

This excellent bolt lock is composed of two parts, the plastified pin to easily see the numbering and the body with the anti-spin steel cylinder incapsulated in the abs strong material.

A container bolt lock seal of this kind is very easy to close, simple finger pressure.  No tools are required.

These security seals are always  numbered, and can be customized in a very short time.

Bolt lock seals for maritime containers are assembled in Italy

Usually SEALED will be written on them and  the letter “H” which indicates that they are HIGH SECURITY SEALS.  C TPAT  ISO 17712:2013

Each carton contains 10 pieces so it is easy for qualified employees to see security seals numbering.

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