Bolt-lock seals Kronos

Bolt-lock seals Kronos

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Bolt-lock seals Kronos

Bolt security seals for maritime containers. Certified ISO 17712:2013.

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Bolt-lock seals Kronos

The Kronos Seal bolt-lock seals seals for maritime containers are high-security seals perfect for sealing both full box and open-top maritime containers. They are also known as barrel seals.

Comprising a pin joined at the bottom of the barrel capsule, the Kronos Seal can be easily separated with a slight pressure. The segment that connects the two seals is removed from the barrel, and then the closure is completed.

These barrel seals for containers are numbered and marked as “SEALED.”

No tools are required for closure of these bolt-lock seals, only the pressure of the fingers. Once the click is heard, the barrel seals are perfectly closed. It is advisable to pull on them to ensure the sealing has occurred.

The numbering is impressed on the plastic-coated metal pin of the seal, similar to the barrel. These barrel seals can be customized according to your preferences.

**Attention:** It is crucial that the pin is coated with plastic for ease of reading.

These barrel seals for containers comply with ISO/PAS 17712 standards and are packaged in boxes of 10 pieces to better control the numbering and prevent unauthorized personnel from taking numbers, as might happen with seals packaged generically in envelopes.

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