Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters

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Cable cutter

Cable cutters for security seals and padlocks. Cuts steel cables or ropes up to 6 mm in diameter. For use on wire, wire rope and cable.


Sealing tools cable cutters PONOS are specific to cut cables up to 6mm diameter, including covered PVC.

It is impossible to cut a cable with normal cutters due to the specific spiral wire.

These cable cutters have a triangular cutting system which reduces the effort required to cut cables without crushing.

For  containers importation with Open Top that have a high security cable lock, it is necessary to be equipped with both cable cutters models.

Size: length cable cutter  is 190cm (7,48in)  300 grams (0,66lbs)weight so very easy to use.

In stock for immediate delivery.

Fully manufactured in Italy

To customize your cable cutter so it cannot be lost or stolen,  let us know!


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