Cable lock seals diam 3,5mm ISO 17712

Cable Seal 3.5mm Diameter

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We manufacture high security seals that are C-TPAT Compliant and ISO 17712 certified, including high security cable seals,high security bolt seals and barrier seals

Cable locks seal   LION diameter 3.5 CTPAT  iso 17712 security seals are perfect for a higher step into security.

These security seals are impossible to cut by hand.

The Iso 17712 regulation are included in the  HIGH Security Seals range.

All high security seals need to write the letter “H” to certify the ISO 17712.

All of  our cable seals range are assembled in Italy always in stock!

The 3,5mm Cablelock seal is an aluminum bodied cable seal with a cable length  20 cm

The special thickness is particularly  strong for trucks, trailers, containers and rail wagons.

No tools are necessary. Simply  insert the loose end of the cable through the locking body and pull up tight.

The cable lock 3.5mm is secured as soon as the wire has passed through the one-way locking mechanism, just few millimeters and it is closed.

You need a cable cutter to remove.

The cable locks are consecutively numbered and SEALED  is written on them.

The galvanized head can be red, or gold.

Logo and barcode are available on request

LION cable seal 3,5mm  one-way locking mechanism provides fast and easy sealing.

Plastic bags of 100 pieces in carton of 250 seals

Available in additional diameters; 1,5mm /1,8mm / 2,5mm  / 5,00mm

Feel free to contact us for larger quantities.


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