Cable seals with 3.5mm ABS-covered head Superlion

Cable seals with 3.5mm ABS-covered head Superlion

Cable seals with 3.5mm ABS-covered head Superlion

Adjustable cable seals with an innovative “anti-tampering” locking system.

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    Cable seals with 3.5mm ABS-covered head Superlion

    The 3.5mm Superlion cable seals are perfect for achieving a high level of security and are adjustable to meet all your needs.

    The Superlion cable security seal has a body coated in ABS, making it highly durable.

    The new “anti-tampering” locking system is crafted from a single piece of metal, making the seal’s body more solid. Inside, it is protected by small extrusions placed at both ends that prevent tampering attempts.

    The latest-generation Superlion cable seals with ABS heads are all progressively numbered and marked with “SEALED.” They come in packs of 10.

    They are very easy to use, closing without the need for any tools, and are entirely disposable. They come with basic numbering and the inscription “SEALED.” If tampered with, the multiple strands of steel open, preventing further closure attempts.

    These Cable seals with 3.5mm ABS-covered head are suitable for all purposes where secure closure is essential, such as for transporting gasoline, oils, food products, or any situation requiring robust seals for long-distance journeys.

    Perfect for sealing trucks, containers, and tankers. Superlion cable warranty seals can be customized upon request.

    The Superlion cable security seals are also available in other steel wire diameters, allowing you to use them on closures with small holes or to seal wagons where handles may not be perfectly aligned. They are suitable for all situations requiring a flexible and adjustable locking system.

    Remember that opening these robust cable seals requires a specific cable cutter for cables of this diameter.

    We can customize small quantities starting from 100 pieces. Our company is the only one producing and printing quantities for all types of companies!

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