Double color seals Lion 1,8 mm

Double color seals Lion 1,8 mm

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Double color seals Lion 1,8 mm

Bicolored security seal with a 1.8mm metal cable. Adjustable, featuring a two-color anti-tampering system for easy recognition.

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Double color seals Lion 1,8 mm

The Lion Bicolore 1.8mm cable security seal is perfect for achieving a high level of security and is adjustable to meet all your needs.

The new “anti-tampering” locking system is contained in a revolutionary two-color cap for easy recognition, combined with ultrasonic welding. The white part always contains the numbering and customization, making it easily readable.

*These metallic seals are specifically designed to fit through 2mm holes.*

The latest generation Lion Bicolore cable seals are all consecutively numbered and marked “SEALED,” indicating that they are sealed. They are packaged in bundles of 10 pieces in bags of 100 pieces and in cartons. They are very easy to use, closing without the need for any tools, and are entirely disposable. They come with basic numbering and the inscription “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE.” If tampered with, being composed of multiple steel strands, they open, making it impossible to continue with the closure. They are suitable for all purposes where secure closure is essential, especially for transporting fuels, oils, food products, or any situation requiring robust seals at a reasonable cost!

The Lion Bicolore 1.8mm cable seals have a length of 18 cm, perfect for sealing trucks, trailers, and tanks.

A wide range of color combinations is available:

white/yellow – white/green – white/blue – white/orange – white/red

Lion cable warranty seals can be customized upon request.

The Lion cable security seals are also available in various wire diameters to allow their use on closures with small holes or to seal wagons where handles may not be perfectly aligned. Check out the Lion 3.5, Lion 2, and Lion 4 cable seals.

Customization is available starting from 100 pieces. Only our company produces and prints quantities for all types of businesses!

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