Double numbering pull tight plastic seals Aries

Double numbering pull tight plastic seals Aries

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Double numbering pull tight plastic seals Aries

Adjustable plastic strap seals with double numbering and tear-off receipt.

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Double numbering pull tight plastic seals Aries

Aries 25 is an adjustable plastic seal with a double matrix, part of the Aries range. Most of our adjustable plastic security seals have the option of a double matrix, meaning that during production, the seal head can be pre-scored into two parts, one of which easily detaches as a control tag.

There are specific cases where double numbering pull tight plastic seals are necessary. In these instances, it’s not enough to read the seal’s numbering; there needs to be tangible evidence. Thus, the seal can be manually cut or split into two parts, and one part can be retained as proof of sealing.

Double numbering pull tight plastic seals feature dual numbering and, if needed, can be customized with a few letters, considering the limited space, ensuring double customization for enhanced security. Naturally, the numbering and customization are identical.

After sealing, all the regulations governing the closure of a security seal are carefully followed. The seal head is gently folded and split in two. At this point, the fragment can be stapled to the loading bubble or the data can be conveniently recorded in the office.

Double matrix or double-numbered seals are also produced in strips of ten for consecutive numbering control. They come with a pre-cut for easy destruction into essential parts after sealing, without the need for any tools, ensuring practicality in both use and breaking.

In the case of progressive numbering and if customization is not required, a small inscription like “SEALED” is included for added security. They are packaged in bags or cardboard according to the quantity required, and various colors are available, including white, yellow, light green, and sky blue, among the main and more visible options.

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