E-commerce flat wire seals Callisto

E-commerce flat wire seals Callisto

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E-commerce flat wire seals Callisto

Security wire seal with an ultra-resistant polycarbonate plastic body. Versatile, ideal for e-commerce and food.

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E-commerce flat wire seals Callisto

The innovative CALISTO multifunction flat thread seals has an ultra-resistant polycarbonate plastic body but it is totally flat, therefore perfect for multiple functions, but especially for the online shop selling clothing or food. It is crossed by metal cable and is suitable for situations where the hole is less then 2 mm.

It is also perfectly smooth, so it does no create problems for sealing eve the finest garments.

The external part of these e-commerce flat wire seals is transparent to allow a complete view of the closing mechanism!

The insert cab be colored, so these security seals are perfect for labeling your clothing without using the wire gun and they close without any tools.

The closing procedure is very fast, this is also important, especially if you have to close many seals for e-commerce quicly for clothing, but also accessories, bags, shoes and much more. Products for e-commerce Wholesale haberdashery supplies textile accessories attach tags frequently used for the sale of clothing online; the seal is safety device, in fact once the arrow is inserted into the body of the seal it does not return anymore, but even before it is closed it is impossible to try to open it.

To use the CALLISTO wire seal just insert the cable into the hole and simply press the colored key, so it will be impossible to tamper with it.

The CALLISTO seal is supplied in formats:

  • without thread and with separate coil
  • with piece of wire on request

Letters, numbers and logos can be printed with laser engraving on the plate.

The innovative CALLISTO multifunction flat wire seal is also available in various colours: contact us for further clarifications!

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