Economic adjustable seals Minor Miniseal

Economic adjustable seals Minor Miniseal

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Economic adjustable seals Minor Miniseal

Small size pull tight plastic seals. Innovative, extremely easy to read, and highly versatile. With a metal insert.

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Economic adjustable seals Minor Miniseal

MINISEAL range are economic plastic sealsshort, numbered,  breaking strength pull tight seal manufactured with Polypropylene material.

It has a very strong plastic insert and the shorter length is perfect for smaller applications.

Economic adjustable seals are inexpensive, economic and versatile.

Pull  tight  plastic seals are  adjustable as the name implies, can be pulled tight, thus the length of the loop can be adjusted to any desired length within the overall operating limit.  diameter is 3mm (0,118″)

The small label is perfect for small spaces and the length is only 17 cm (6,70″)

All plastic pull up  plastic short seals  of this kind are suitable for airline carts, cases, curtain buckles and tote boxes.

Most seals are available from stock pre-numbered, adjustable with each seal has a serial number. For a small additional charge,  they can also be customized with your  logo or text if required with a  secure laser marking.

Sequentially numbered as standard print with SEALED written on them.

why we write SEALED on them? because it means that effectively this plastic seal is CLOSED

Strip of 10 pieces in plastic bags of 100 hundred, carton of 1000 pieces.

All of our range of plastic seals are assembled in ITALY.

Can also be customized in small quantities.

Various range of colors available.

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