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Evidence security transparent bags GOBI are tamper evident  bags for numerous applications. They have a void tape that makes unauthorised access to the protected object easily detected. Primarily used for the sample of products such as grain or seeds, but also a perfect application for criminal investigation and evidence security forensic supplies.


The evidence security bags are transparent so it is easy to see what is inside: sample products, cereals, granulate, forensics and much more.

Easy to close and one pouch per use. No tools are required to close.

The evidence transparent bags are fully Manufactured in Italy in coextruded polyethylene

60/70 micron thickness to guarantee  high resistance.

Evidence bag GOBI    size  20cmx29cm (10,63″x11,42″)

Capacity 2/3 kilos aprox depending upon the inserted material.

The evidence bags are numbered with a tear off receipt.

The evidence  security envelope is specifically designed to bring samples from one location to another, avoiding problems by guaranteeing that the quality inside a truck or a tank is exactly what is inside the bag.

These security pouches are integrity evidence bags.

Can be customized starting from 5.000 pieces

If you need a different size or  are looking for other types of security transparent bags describe your request in detail!



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