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Fire Extinguisher Plasti Seals

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The thin plastic seal RAFFAELLO is , adjustable, soft and thin specific to break at traction less than 4 Newtons. has been studied so that it can be broken easily in case of need.
*these plastic seals are produced with recycled plastic and entirely in Italy*.
For this reason the seal RAFFAELLO is particularly suitable for use on fire extinguishers, safety doors and anti panic doors handles and all other situations where there is a need to break a plastic seal very quickly.
It can also be used in groups of two or three if the length is not sufficient.
But even if there are conditions that need to be tightened a lot this plastic seal will close just about anything.

This plastic seal in turn is entirely recyclable!
The RAFFAELLO seal is available in the length of 25.5 mm, in various colors and on its label can be engraved, with laser printing, alphanumeric characters and logos.

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