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Fixed length plastic seals with numbers Capricorn 3  are the new entry in our range!

This truck seal fixed  size has a very good single lock position.

It is very easy to close.

We are always looking for new products that can satisfy yours requirements.

We try to keep ever to be up-to-date!

Our self-locking plastic security seals is ideal for truck, trailers or cargo containers.

Capricorn 3 may be used in every situation where you cannot use a tube-shape seal.

This self-locking plastic security seal has got a  bigger head in order to facilitate the reading of number and customization.

those plastic seals  are equipped with a bigger self-locking system.

Fixed length strap seals are anti-tampering security seals.

fixed length plastic seals with numbers

His rectangular-shape is ideal for the customization with Logos.

Laser marking system offers the highest level of security as it cannot be remove without showing clear signs of tampering.

Barcode or Qcode are also available on plastic seals.

These plastic seals are consecutively numbered, always in stock for immediate delivery :

e-shop ever opened : 24Hrs / 365 Days a Year

Various colours are also available upon request.

This plastic seal is very cheap!

The Capricorn 3 in cheaper than other self-locking seals that’s why we decide to make available the online purchase of 5000 pieces in only 5 cartons.

If you prefer to buy customized seals, please send us an email with your logo (pdf format HD),

Our staff will be at your disposal for any other info.

Packing is strip of 10 pieces in plastic bag of 100 pieces, to carefully control the numbering.

Carton 1000 seals.

Total lenght 23 cm.  If you need a shorter plastic seal, please visit the webpage Capricorn 4


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