Fixed length plastic snap seal Capricorn

Fixed length plastic snap seal Capricorn

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Fixed length plastic snap seal Capricorn

Easy-to-use plastic fixed-lenght seal, allowing laser engraving of text, logos, and numbers. The seal with snap and ring closure has a wide enough head and is customizable.”

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Fixed length plastic snap seal Capricorn

The Capricorn Truckseal self-locking plastic click seal is a fixed length plastic snap seal that is part of the Capricorn range, a timeless and always reliable seal. Perhaps not everyone knows that the first plastic seals were all self-locking, such as Capricorn’s TRUCKSEAL plastic seal, that is, they closed with a click and date back to the 1980s; they were also commonly called fixed-length seals and used exclusively to close container or truck doors. Now they are precisely called self-locking security seals.

Today they are widely used again for these applications but also to close drums and bins, the use on the latter was applied as early as during the Second War to transport materials and especially liquids by leaving in the slot of the bin rim a small hole where the seal could be applied.a

The TRUCKSEAL self-locking seal is easy to use and has a head wide enough to allow laser engraving of lettering, logos and numbers.

The small quantities we offer in our store-on-line are to allow you to order different seal models to cover your needs across the board.

These seals also come with standard progressive numbering, along with it you can also include a small inscription such as SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE for added security.

They are produced in strips of 10 pieces and packaged in envelopes or carton according to the quantity required; various colors are available including white, yellow and green .

All standard numberings are protected by our database, but it is possible for all our warranty seals to be customized to your choice.

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