full plastic adjustable seals with numbers LONG Leonardo (Copie)

Cable Ties With Numbers Barcoded

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the Leonardo range plastic seals came from the  BIO range.

Leonardo plastic seals are totally recyclable,  and produced with renewable energy infact we are ISO 14001:2018
This seal looks like a cable tie with the number, flexible and of course is one time use.

this seal is very cheap especially with the lot of only 5000 pieces and manufactured IN TUSCANY ITALY  in polypropylene recycled 70%!

and it is very long more then 40 cm.

LEONARDO has a unique serial number on each seal and is in strip of 10 pieces.

Gripping nubs for securing bags so it is very easy to use on big bags especially in this long version can close big bags more then 15 cm at the top.

Tear off facility is necessary as it is very strong and can be open without any kind of tools.

The LEONARDO seal is an adjustable plastic warranty seal that can be laser engraved in any way:

with numbering up to 12 digits, with logo or special prints, on an area of 26x19mm.

barcode as code 39, 128, interleave and many more including datamatrix or qcode

The LEONARDO security seals can be used on  all kinds of transport, including maritime containers, tarpaulin and tanker trucks.

It is also used in the medical field.

The LEONARDO pull tite seal is available in various colours, we use pastel colors as the additive are suitable for the enviroment.

In 2 lengths: 32.0mm  SHORT and 44.2 mm LONG the width is 6mm.

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if you need a bigger quantity,  kindly let us know as this piece is fully produced in automatic.


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