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Galvanized sealing wires are typically used with lead seals, aluminum, or plastic MARS and MARS 2 security seals.

This is the most ancient system to be used with lead seals!

Galvanized sealing wire is composed of a  two line spiral of wire.

Sealing wire can be supplied in pre-cut lengths or supplied on a roll.

All our  wires  are Made In Italy.

Galvanized Sealing wire can be in a roll of 1 kilo (2,20″ lbs) for a length aprox of 400 metres (1.312 ft) for cutting to desired length.

or bundles  20cm (7,87″) or 40cm (15.75″)

Always in stock for immediately delivery.

Applications include but are not limited to: gas meters, fuel meters, electric meters, taxi meters, telephone meter sealing, industrial valves

Galvanized wire in roll always in stock for immediately delivery.

You can click also on stainless steel sealing wire 

or   galvanized wire bundles 20 cm (7,87″) or  40 cm (15.75″)

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