Galvanized sealing wire

Galvanized sealing wire

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Galvanized sealing wire

Galvanized spiral in steel wire for lead seals and customs seals.

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Galvanized sealing wire

The galvanized spiral wire for seals must be used together with a seal of the MARS, MARS 2 type, or even with traditional lead seals closed by a plier.

The galvanized spiral wire can be sold in a coil or in pieces, according to the needs.

Primarily, galvanized or stainless steel spiral wire is used, but depending on certain applications, brass or copper can also be utilized.

The spiral wire is packaged in coils of 1 kg with an approximate length of 400 meters or supplied in pieces of wire, 20 or 40 cm long. It is very easy to use and can be cut with a small pair of wire cutters.

The spiral wire is suitable for sealing meters that typically have very small openings.

The spiral wire in coil with spiral wire has a diameter of 1~1.1 mm.

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