Heavy duty bolt seals Taurus

Heavy duty bolt seals Taurus

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Heavy duty bolt seals Taurus

Security bolt-lock seal for full top and open box maritime containers. Certified ISO 17712:2013.

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Heavy duty bolt seals Taurus

The TAURUS ISO 17712 Nail Security Seal is a superior security seal perfect for sealing maritime containers.

These seals consist of a pin joined at the bottom to the barrel capsule and can be easily separated with a light press. The segment connecting the two seals is removed from the barrel, and the closure process continues.

These seals can be customized with numbering, a logo, or a barcode, or marked with “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE.” We advise against using only numbering and recommend adding a small generic inscription. No tools are required for closure; a simple finger pressure suffices. Once the click is heard, the barrel security seals are perfectly closed. Still, it’s recommended to pull lightly to ensure proper sealing.

The TAURUS ISO 17712 heavy duty bolt seals have passed all tests required by this standard, obtaining the highest certification.

The seal’s plastic-coated pin bears the numbering and customization, similar to the barrel.

It can also be used with a barcode for easy reading, and short codes like INTERLEAVED 2.5 or CODE 128 A B or C are recommended.

Available colors include, among others, white, yellow, green, and sky blue, all highly visible for easy identification on container door handles.

To open the barrel seal (bolt lock seal), simply use long-handle bolt cutters for easier cutting. Once cut, the seal is not reusable because part of the pin remains inside the barrel, preventing the insertion of another pin.

If you are interested in other models of ISO 17712 bolt seals, with the pin and barrel joined, click here.

Also, check out the RFID version TAURUS SEAL.

For larger quantities, please contact us for a personalized offer.

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