Hexagonal cable lock seals Lion 1,8 mm

Hexagonal cable lock seals Lion 1,8 mm

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Hexagonal cable lock seals

Security cable seal with a 1.8mm metal cable and hexagonal head. Adjustable, with an ABS hexagonal head for easy use.”

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Hexagonal cable lock seals Lion 1,8 mm

Hexagonal Cable locks security seals LION one way with metallic cable RANGE are perfect for a higher step into security.

Those security seals are impossible to cut by hand.

This cable lock is not   CT-PAT  Iso 17712 regulation because that starts from 3.5mm and 5mm

The Cable lock seal 1.8mm is an ABS head, hexagonal metallic bodied cable seal with a length of the cable 25 cm (9,85″)

The special thickness is suitable for holes less then 2 mm

No tools are necessary. Simply insert loose end of cable through locking body and pull up tight.

The cable lock LION is secured as soon as the wire has passed through the one-way locking mechanism, just few millimeters and it is closed.

Use a cable cutter to remove.

The cable locks are consecutively numbered and SEALED written on them.

The head in ABS plastic can be colored very visibly and printed by laser or in white, thermal printing.

Hexogonal LION cable seals  1,8mm  have a one-way locking mechanism and provides fast and easy sealing.

Plastic bags of 100 pieces in carton of 1000 seals

All of our security cable seals range are assembled in Italy.

Can  be available in additional diameters:  2,5mm / 3,5mm / 5,00mm

Cable lock seals LION, 1,8mm hexagonal is  also available with a metallic cable length of 50cm (19,70″) and one meter (39,37″)

Feel free to contact us.  These diameters are always in stock.


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