High security adjustable seals Minion 20

High security adjustable seals Minion 20

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High security adjustable seals Minion 20

High-security pull tight seals: compact yet extremely durable, with a metal locking insert. Ideal for e-commerce, ATM doors, and supermarkets.

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High security adjustable seals Minion 20

With a view to the constant growth of the ecommerce sector, here comes the MINION small tubular plastic seal, a seal of small size but produced in durable plastic, thanks to the metal insert it provides security against tampering, in fact, once the seal is closed and tightened to the necessary size, the seal can only be opened by cutting it.

The head of the Minion high security adjustable seals is smaller than the other seals but still customizable with small logos and of course numbered progressively, the small size also makes it particularly suitable for ATM boxes, the boxes used in ATMs or for properly distributing cash in supermarkets and large retail outlets.

Its tail diameter is 2.3 mm and allows access to all kinds of holes , easy to insert, like all warranty seals it is SINGLE-USE.

It is part of a range of plastic seals that can be described as high security and not just identification, the important thing is to close them in the correct way. Minion warranty seal has a fast and robotic production thanks to Italian technology is therefore competitively priced for large quantities.

Since it is smooth, it closes easily even for those who have to close dozens of seals a day.

All Minion high security adjustable seals are numbered consecutively in 10-piece strips for easy numbering control, and the type of personalization is laser, so it is fused into the head of the seal. It is always recommended to use highly visible colors and also the new fully non-toxic crayons.

They can be customized even from small quantities do not hesitate to contact us for your customizations.

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so there is the GIOTTO SHORT version of 31.6 mm plastic seals with 30 cm metal insert click here

and there is a medium version GIOTTO LONG

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