High security cable seals Lion 3,5 mm

High security cable seals Lion 3,5 mm

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High security cable seals Lion 3,5 mm

Adjustable security cable seal with a 3.5mm metal cable. Certified ISO/PAS 17712:2013. Ideal for maritime containers, wagons, and refrigerated trucks.

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High security cable seals Lion 3,5 mm

The Lion 3.5mm metal cable seal is perfect for achieving a high level of security and is adjustable to meet all your needs.

Available in various steel wire diameters, the 3.5mm diameter is specifically designed to generate enough force to surpass the ISO/PAS 17712:2013 standard, with a tensile strength of over 1000 kilograms. Consequently, they are ideal for sealing maritime containers, wagon seals, and robust warranty seals for refrigerated trucks.

These metallic seals are very easy to use, requiring no tools for closure, and are entirely disposable. They come with basic numbering and the inscription “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE.” If tampered with, the multiple strands of steel make them open, preventing further closure attempts. They are suitable for all purposes where secure closure is essential, especially for road transport, oil transport, food products, or any situation requiring a robust seal for long-distance journeys.

Among other metal seals, there are larger diameters available, such as Lion 4mm and Lion 5mm!

Lion cable security seals for containers can be customized upon request, and they are also available with variable cable lengths. They come with basic progressive numbering.

We can customize the seals in a very short time!

Discover the entire series of Lion cable seals.

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