Kit lead press, lead seals and sealing wire

Kit Leadpress

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This is a special kit!

LEAD SEALS AND SEALING WIRE is composed of a sealing press, lead seals and a roll of galvanized sealing wire.

The press is used to close and emboss lead and wire seals.

This heavy duty seal press features long  and medium handles and is made out of stainless steel recovered by abs strong plastic.

You can insert into the note your customization for up to 6 letters.

The Round Lead Seal is designed with two parallel holes and a knot chamber.

During fitting, the wire or string is threaded through the two parallel holes and crossed  before closing with the sealing tool to prevent tampering. Carton of 5 kilos (11lbs) aprox 1000 pieces in the kit.

Galvanized sealing wires are typically used with lead seals. One roll in the kit  is 1 chilo (2,20″ lbs) for a lenght aprox of 400 metres (1.312 ft) for cutting to desired length.


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