Kraft Paper Packaging Tape Keuka

Kraft Paper Packaging Tape Keuka

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Kraft Paper Packaging Tape Keuka

Kraft paper adhesive tape, also known as brown tape, for parcels and packaging. Keuka paper adhesive tape is Made in Italy, ensuring high quality and reliability.

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Kraft Paper Packaging Tape Keuka

Keuka paper adhesive tapes are packaging tapes that allow you to seal your packages.

This Kraft Paper Packaging Tape can be torn with a simple pull, and they are writable and repositionable to protect or package your products.

Paper tapes are a perfect choice for discreetly packaging a regular cardboard box as the brown color of the tape blends seamlessly with the color of the cardboard.

A brief history:

Not everyone knows that adhesive tapes were born around the 1920s to avoid smudges on machines. In fact, there was no way to protect the dripping paints. A young man had the brilliant idea of putting adhesive on paper strips and removing them at the end of the job!

During one of the many tests, frustrated because the tape wouldn’t stick to the machines, one of the workshop guys exclaimed, “Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to put more adhesive on it!”

Why Scotch? It was a common way to say stingy, and the kilt-wearing people were famous for their frugality!

The advice worked: with more adhesive, that tape could stick anywhere, in a workshop, but also in a pastry shop, and why not even in an oven, where Scotch tape was used to seal packages of sugar, flour, and more.

Today, paper adhesive tape for packaging has a primary function in our working world!

Kraft Paper Packaging Tape is produced in rolls with a width of 50 mm and a length of 50 meters.

They are adhesive tapes ABSOLUTELY MADE IN ITALY.

Customization is possible upon request starting from 180 rolls; request a quote.

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