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Lead seals press ERACLE is the most ancient system of sealing. The first application was in the 1900 ‘s used for sealing the Penny Post for the Royal Mail in UK.

The lead seal press is used to close and emboss lead and wire seals. This heavy duty seal press features long  and medium handles and is constructed of stainless steel recovered by abs strong plastic.

Applications include but are not limited to: gas, water and electric meters, drums, valves,
refineries, post bags, cages, lockers and customs.

Lead seals size 11mm is the Customs size.

Lead press dies  crimping press is ideal for applying lead  seals with wire. The lead press dies are available blank or engraved with letters and/or numbers. A small logo can be reproduced.

Lead seals crimping is available with the customization on one  or both sides.

The sealing tools may also be used for embossing  other materials such as aluminum plates,laminated cards or plastic seals.

Price for one press with letters or numbers up to 4 digits is included per complete unit, including dies.

At the time of order, kindly consider long handles and blank dies are not sell apart.

Please also check Lead Seals and Galvanize  WireRoll or one full kit

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