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Lead seals  are the oldest system for sealing, in the  security seals classification of Iso 17712 are only included in the Identification Class.

The Round Lead Seal is  used in conjunction with any length of pre-cut or rolls of various wires.  The lead seals are designed with two parallel holes and a knot chamber. During fitting, the wire or string is threaded through the two parallel holes and crossed  before closing with the sealing tool to prevent tampering.

Sealing pliers are required to clamp the lead seal to prevent slippage.

To optimize security, the sealing tool dies can be engraved  with logo, numbers or characters onto the seal, acknowledging the application user.

Applications of lead seals might include, but are not limited to: gas, water and electric meters, drums,valves,
refineries, post bags cages,lockers, customs.

1 carton of 5 kilos (11lbs) aprox 1000 pieces.





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