Metal and plastic padlock seals Padlock Mix

Metal and plastic padlock seals Padlock Mix

Metal and plastic padlock seals Padlock Mix

Single-use metal and plastic padlock seals with a plastic head and metal shackle. Certified ISO/PAS 17712.

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    Metal and plastic padlock seals Padlock Mix

    The PADLOCKMIX disposable plastic and metal padlock seals consist of two parts: the plastic body and the metal locking system. These seals, as a seal model, are visually reminiscent of key-operated padlocks, but they are, in fact, security padlock seals.

    We refer to ISO/PAS 17712 standards: a key-operated locking system is not considered a seal because it is reusable. Hence, a system was devised to make it single-use, transforming it into a security seal.

    There are three versions available: metal, plastic, and a combination of plastic and metal.

    These PADLOCKMIX plastic and metal security padlock seals are made of polypropylene (PPR) in the part housing the locking system. The numbering, customization, or the “SEALED” inscription is printed with hot-stamping in black or white, and it is tamper-evident.

    The PADLOCKMIX padlock seal is a snap-closure seal and entirely disposable. The curved steel part of the padlock facilitates insertion, making it suitable for various applications, including catering and food transport. Additionally, it is well-suited for industrial use.

    They are packaged in bags or in cardboard boxes of 1000 pieces.

    There are two other models of padlock seals, one entirely in metal, METAL PADLOCK, and one in plastic, EASY PADLOCK.

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