Metal strip seals Globe seal

Metal strip seals Globe seal

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Metal strip seals Globe seal

Fixed lenght ball seal with an innovative ABS plastic head. Ideal for trucks and transportation.

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Metal strip seals Globe seal

These GLOBESEAL metal strap seals have a snap closure mechanism, very easy to use – just listen for the click, and the seal is closed correctly. Numbered ball seals or self-locking straps are among the most durable warranty seals!

This type of warranty seal is also called “tyden” by the old manufacturer who first conceived the idea of the metal seal. The metal strap is made of aluminum, so it does not corrode when in contact with salt air and is particularly suitable for curtain-sided trailers and general transport.

The numbered self-locking metal straps have laser-engraved numbering and customization, making them impervious to alterations.

The GLOBESEAL seal comes standard with sequential numbering and the inscription “SEALED” along the strap of the seal; additionally, it can be customized upon request.

The packaging for these metal seals is very practical, as they come in bundles of 100 pieces.


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