Pallet covers Missouri

Pallet covers Missouri

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Pallet covers Missouri

Pallet cover, or pallet bag, are highly durable security bags to cover pallets and goods.


Pallet covers Missouri

The MISSOURI cargo pallet cover with handles, made of polyethylene raffia, provides a simple and effective protection against dust, dirt, and moisture. Above all, it prevents the content of the pallet from being visible. These covers are similar to big bags, but when turned upside down, they are inserted from the top and sealed with long security seals under the pallet (see also adjustable plastic seal Mercurius 50).

Easy to insert, it slips onto the ready pallet like a hood in five seconds.

The pallet cover is used in shipments where the contained product must be preserved to the maximum, such as in the food industry or for products sensitive to moisture, or simply to keep the content of the pallet anonymous. These pallet covers have emerged in recent years because, as tampering evolves, so must sealable security products.

The MISSOURI cargo pallet cover with handles also serves as a seal to ensure the integrity of the load.

For additional shipment security, we recommend using adjustable plastic strap seals like our Aquarius or Mercurius, imprinted with numbering and/or your logo, to securely fasten the pallet cover to the pallet.

They can be customized based on quantity, with colors or stitching threads as reference points of different colors. You can even recognize your pallets through these pallet covers without needing to look underneath!

Standard sizes for MISSOURI pallet covers for EUROPALLET are 85x125x180h cm and 120x120x180h cm.

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