Plastic lead seal Eco Plomb 13 mm

Plastic lead seal Eco Plomb 13 mm

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Plastic lead seal Eco Plomb 13 mm

Customs seals in plastic or plastic lead seals, with pliers and detachable engravings. These are lead seals made of colored plastic.

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Plastic lead seal Eco Plomb 13 mm

The Ecoplomb plastic lead seal takes inspiration from customs lead seals. This seal comes in two sizes, 9mm and 13mm. Plastic lead-type seals, known as “Plastic Lead,” can be used with both twine and metal wire.

The use of this seal is very simple and also one of the oldest methods: the twine or wire is passed through the inside of the plastic seal (not included in the lead pack), pressed with a special press, and the wire remains locked inside the lead seal with no possibility of coming out.

Both the Ecoplomb lead seal and classic lead seals are closed with the same press.

The removal of the plastic lead seal will only occur by cutting with scissors, in the case of using twine, or with pliers for cutting the metal wire.

Like all security seals, the lead seal is single-use.

It is entirely 100% recyclable, unlike classic lead, which is outside the regulations of the RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

Available in a small plastic lead diameter of 9mm as well, click here.

Packaged in bags of 1000 pieces and in cartons of 10,000, ready in stock for immediate shipment.

If you are also interested in the LEAD SEAL PRESS, click here. If you want the zinc-coated wire, you can find it here, but you can also use stainless steel wire with these plastic lead seals.

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