Plastic adjustable seals with tear off receipt ARIES 25

Plastic adjustable seals with tear off receipt ARIES 25

Plastic adjustable seals with tear off receipt ARIES 25

Plastic pull tight seals with metal locking insert and removable receipt. Thanks to the pre-cut, these metal locking insert plastic seals can be used without any tools.

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    Plastic adjustable seals with tear off receipt ARIES 25

    In the range of security seals with a metal insert, ARIES 25 plastic adjustable seals with tear off receipt are adjustable security seals but with a pre-cut, making them versatile for all applications where the security seal needs to be quickly opened without any tools. It is sufficient to pull the small lever.

    The special metal rosette, also called a metal insert, is ultra-resistant and is located inside the head, allowing the seal tail to be smooth, making it very easy to close. The tail is threaded through the rosette, which tightens more and more as it is closed. This way, the seal is perfectly locked. To open the seal, simply pull the small lever: and it’s done!

    Being a smooth seal allows insertion into holes practically identical to the diameter with only a few microns of difference. For example, its diameter of 2.6mm can be used on holes less than 3mm. They are considered thin plastic seals for any application.

    It is particularly suitable for use by female personnel due to its compact size and is suitable for all types of transportation, especially air travel, catering, containers, fuels, and liquids in general. It is ideal for situations where dozens of seals need to be closed each day without too much effort or the need for tools, and where immediate opening without any tools is also necessary.

    ARIES 25 plastic seals with a metal insert can be customized in white or black, and the print remains unaltered; logos or designs can be faithfully reproduced, and a barcode can also be printed, although we recommend barcodes that are not too long to facilitate reading, such as INTERLEAVED 2.5 or 128. They come with basic sequential numbering. They are customized seals that are easy to read and clear.

    They are highly suitable for products sold on E-COMMERCE, i.e., online shopping. Perfect for your E-SHOP!

    In the case of progressive numbering, a small inscription like SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE is added for additional security. They are produced in strips of 10 pieces and packaged in bags or cardboard boxes depending on the quantity required. Various colors are available: white, yellow, green, and light blue among the main ones. They are all non-toxic pastel colors.

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