Plastic wire security seals Mars

Plastic wire security seals Mars

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Plastic wire security seals Mars

Wire plastic seals for gas and water meters. Self locking plastic seal for use with wire, also ideal for tanks or refineries.

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Plastic wire security seals Mars

Today wire security seals MARS have multiple applications.  MARS is constructed with a strong plastic and wire seal that offers a safe alternative to lead seals which were the beginning of the story of the sealing systems!

Wire seals MARS are ideal to be used with galvanized wire and/or  PVC plastified wire.

These metal wire seals are consecutively numbered and are easy to apply by hand.  No tools are required to close  them. It is necessary to have scissors to open.

Can be supplied without wire, on a roll or as pre-cut wires

Wire seals are ideal for applications requiring  security seals to fit through small closures as a diameter of less then 2mm.

Instructions to close: pass sealing wire or PVC coated wire through two holes in the  plastic body  and press plunger by  hand until it clicks and the unit is sealed.

Plastic bags  of 100 pieces, carton 1.000 items.

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