Pull tight plastic strapseals Acquarius 40

Pull tight plastic strapseals Acquarius 40

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Pull tight plastic strapseals Acquarius 40

Adjustable pull tight strap seals with metal closure. Sturdy and suitable for trucks, curtain-sided vehicles, bags, and containers.

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Pull tight plastic strapseals Acquarius 40

The adjustable plastic seals AQUARIUS 40 are flat and easy to use, featuring a revolutionary metal insert included in a highly robust plastic reinforcement.

These plastic seals can be laser or HOT PRINT printed, serving as flat seals for multiple applications: sealing bags, security seals for trucks, and tarped loads produced in variable lengths of 30 cm and 40 cm where more travel is needed. It is not easy to produce a long plastic seal that maintains its security conditions throughout its length, but on www.sigillidisicurezzaonline.it, you will find a truly wide range for all your needs.

AQUARIUS seals are made with the best pure polypropylene, and naturally, all of them are strictly single-use seals.

The applications are so diverse that we can summarize them in broad categories: large distribution, maritime, land, and air transport, in all situations where it is necessary to seal holes.

They are fundamentally numbered security seals and can bear the wording SEALED or SEALED DO NOT REMOVE to fully indicate their function.

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