Pull tite plastic seals Mercurius 50

Pull tite plastic seals Mercurius 50

Pull tite plastic seals Mercurius 50

Adjustable plastic seals with a metal locking insert, for curtain-side trucks. Made from recycled plastic: suitable for securing security bags, trailers and trucks.

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    Pull tite plastic seals Mercurius 50

    Among adjustable plastic seals, the Mercurius 50 security seal stands out for its ease of use and the inclusion of a metal insert.

    The adjustable plastic seals for tarped loads, Mercurius 50, are suitable for various applications, especially for sealing large bags, trucks, and tarped loads. They are part of a range of plastic seals that can be classified as high-security, emphasizing not just identification but the importance of proper closure. The Mercurius 50 pull tite seals are produced quickly and robotically, thanks to Italian technology, making it competitively priced for large quantities.

    Its smooth design makes it easy to close, even for those who have to seal dozens of seals daily. It is particularly suitable for female personnel.

    The 50 cm length of the seal allows for a wide range of applications.

    All Mercurius pull tite seals are consecutively numbered in strips of 10 for easy numbering control. Laser customization is used, ensuring the information is fused into the seal head. It is recommended to use highly visible colors.

    We do not take for granted that you know how to use the seal correctly. Take a number from the strip of 10 pieces, check that the numbering is in front of you and not behind (many adjustable seals for tarped loads and trucks are closed upside down, making it difficult to verify the numbering later). Insert the final part of the seal and pull as much as possible; this is why they are called adjustable seals.

    Always think ahead about seal stocks, take all the time you need to choose the best product, and ask us for customization! It’s important to be able to recognize your seals. Even though we guarantee numbering with the print “SEALED DO NOT REMOVE” or “SIGILLATO NON RIMUOVERE.”

    It is also available in lengths of 30 and 40 cm with a diameter of 3.8 mm and in the version with a diameter of 2.3 mm, called MINI MERCURIUS.

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