Recycled plastic adjustable length seals Giotto XL

Recycled plastic adjustable length seals Giotto XL

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Recycled plastic adjustable length seals Giotto XL

Pull up seals made from recycled plastic with metal closure. Affordable and customizable.

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Recycled plastic adjustable length seals Giotto XL

The adjustable seals in recycled plastic GIOTTO XL have the characteristic of having a closure mechanism with a rosette-shaped metal insert. Once closed, the blade of the insert wedges into the tail of the seal. The more you pull, the more it becomes impossible to reopen.

The entire range of affordable plastic seals GIOTTO is perfectly smooth and of new design. *Made from recycled plastic*, they are part of the bio range, intended as an environmental aid due to the plastic reuse cycle!

The fundamental purpose for us manufacturers in conceiving and creating a perfectly functional plastic security seal is that once used, it is destroyed in its essential parts. That’s why the seals are always called *single-use*: once positioned, they must demonstrate that there has been an unauthorized opening.

Every time you purchase seals from us, you will find a small leaflet with a kind of “guide” that will allow you to manage your seals better!

The range of plastic seals is not like an adhesive security seal… obviously, the sealing capacity is different, but nothing is like a traditional seal!

The recycled plastic adjustable length seals of the GIOTTO XL series can be printed in any way: with numbering up to 12 digits, with a logo, or with special prints, on an area of 36 x 19 mm.

Of course, the entire GIOTTO range allows for personalized seals, and for requests, you can contact us directly.

The GIOTTO XL seal is available in various colors and is about 40 cm long with a diameter of 3.8 mm.

The tubular plastic seals GIOTTO are available in three lengths:

So, there is the GIOTTO SHORT version of 31.6 mm plastic seals with a 30 cm metal insert – click here

and there is a medium version, GIOTTO LONG.

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