RFID adhesive labels




The RFID adhesive labels allow a safe identification of products, packaging or work stations. They can identify and track goods in their movements in a warehouse or track products progress in a production chain.

Through the RFID adhesive labels it is possible to identify products and packaging for a correct and fast identification simply bringing the reader closer to the label to identify the goods in a precise and punctual way.

It is also possible to read several RFID labels at the same time, for example attached to clothing items contained in a caisson, only by approaching the reader which will show all the codes present on the display. This avoids human mistakes in the identification of the goods, which are really recurring, up to 25% of the cases.

It is also possible to use the RFID adhesive labels to create a production management system, for example by combining the RFID label placed on a container of processed workpieces with the RFID label of the workstation and the RFID label of the operator who processed them. That way, it is possible to get the real progress status of the production by workstation and operator.

In the case of Logistics and Medical Laboratories, the RFID labels are perfect because they withstand chemicals, heat, mechanical stress, moisture and solvents.

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