Sagittarius metal closure seals with pre-cutting

Sagittarius metal closure seals with pre-cutting

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Sagittarius metal closure seals with pre-cut

Adjustable warranty seals with metal closure. With pre-cut, sturdy and quick to open.

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The SAGITTARIUS adjustable plastic seal WITH PRE-TEAR-OFF from the moment it is closed you can tell that it is a reliable and sturdy warranty seal. Being very durable, it has been equipped with the “pre-cut” or “tear-off” system so that it can be opened after use without the use of any tools. Pre-cutting does not weaken the structure of the seal but destroys it in its essential parts after use.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose a seal with pre-opening for large-scale distribution, industry and transportation, or where many seals generally have to be opened and closed during the working day.
Sagittarius metal closure seals with pre-cutting are suitable for closing bags.
Adjustable plastic seals with pre-cut are laser customizable, so the printing is unalterable, logos or designs can be faithfully reproduced.
Here is how the Sagittarius pre-cut seal is applied and removed.
You can insert barcode or dualD or datamatrix and of course they come basic with progressive numbering. In the case of progressive numbering, a small inscription such as SEALED, SEALED DO NOT REMOVE is included for added security.
They are produced in strips of 10 pieces and supplied in envelopes or in cartons according to the quantity required. Various colors are available, including white, yellow and light green, among others.
These Sagittarius adjustable plastic metal closure seals with pre-cut.

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