RFID UHF Wire Seal

RFID UHF Wire Seal

RFID UHF Wire Seal

Wire seal with very resistennte RFID UHF tag. RFID UHF plastic wire seals can be read up to 6 meters away.

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The wire security seal with RFID UHF technologyis disposable and is produced in a durable plastic, polycarbonate, where a small handle is inserted by ultrasound to trap one end of the wire making this seal very secure and therefore suitable in the use of sealing.

In addition, an RFID tagin UHF technology is integrated into the body of the seal, making it detectable by special readers exploiting this technology, even from distances greater than those required in the use of NFC technology, typically up to about 6 meters.

These RFID UHF cable seals can be used with all types of cables, coiled and uncoiled, and of any length; the casing is always transparent to better control the small handle, which is colored instead.

The spiral-wire seal with RFID UHF technology comes with basic numbering, but it can also be customized, again taking into account the size of the surface, with company logo, lettering and barcode or QR code images.

These warranty seals are perfect for identifying plant, machinery and large enclosures.

Flush security seal with RFID UHF technologycan also be made in RFID NFC technology: this allows detection and identification of the seal from shorter distances, but using ordinary smartphones with the appropriate apps.


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