Security bottles with wide opening Caspio

Security bottles with wide opening Caspio

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Security bottles with wide opening Caspio

Sealable sample bottle for sampling with a wide round neck. Apply the seals to the safety cap.

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140 pcs - 100ml
100 pcs - 250ml
85 pcs - 500ml
40 pcs - 1000ml


Security bottles with wide opening Caspio

The round sampling bottles with sealable cap CASPIO are suitable for sampling cereals, liquids, powders, and solids of any kind. In fact, in the case of transport on tanker trucks, a sample of the same substances must travel in a sealed bottle in the driver’s cabin. For this reason, we offer CASPIO bottles in various sizes and shapes to meet any requirement.

On the shoulder and cap of the bottle, there are holes at intervals to allow sealing with a wire seal (such as our Mars 2 model) to make the bottle as airtight and secure as possible. Additionally, these bottles empty easily, thanks to the wide mouth perfect for cereals and seeds. The neutral color allows visibility of the material inside the bottle.

One distinctive feature of these sealable cap bottles is the small space between the sealable cap and the inner cap, where you can insert a label or written note that remains sealed, inaccessible from the outside, serving as proof of the material inside the safety bottle.

Security bottles with wide opening are suitable for food use; the self-sealing cap prevents access to the content, ensuring maximum security through the warranty seal. They come pre-assembled with caps and inner caps, making them practical and quick to use, and they are packaged in cardboard.

The bottles are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are always graduated.

ROUND WIDE-MOUTH SAFETY BOTTLES WITH SEALABLE CAPS: The most commonly used sizes are 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml.

Also available in other versions: rectangular CASPIO bottles with wide mouth and CASPIO bottles with narrow mouth.

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