Security Seal Management Software Angaria

Security Seal Management Software Angaria

Angaria Security Seal Management Software

An RFID-powered management software designed specifically for security seals. Highly customizable, it enhances business tracking processes, making them more efficient and streamlined.

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    Security Seal Management Software Angaria

    Etti Sicurezza manufactures and markets a complete range of security seals for the identification and control of shipments. Some of these utilize RFID technology for remote identification.

    This type of seal can be read from a distance (up to approximately 8 meters) by a portable reader, an antenna, or a equipped passage connected to a computer. This reading can also involve multiple seals simultaneously.

    The reading process translates into the ability to create a file containing the codes of the seals identified by the used reading system: a portable reader will store the file, and it can be sent to a computer via Wi-Fi or cable network.

    The antenna or the passage are usually already connected to a computer, downloading the file of the read codes directly.

    In this mode, the RFID reading system acts like an operator who must read the seal code to input it into a company management system or a suitable computer application: the significant innovation is the ability to read multiple seals simultaneously, eliminating typing errors.

    To manage the history of seals used in the company, Etti Sicurezza has developed a Security Seal Management Software, called ANGARIA, in which various information can be stored: arrival date in the company, seal type, how it was used, shipment or container data where the seal is used, shipment outcome, etc.

    The ANGARIA seal management software is composed of several visual interfaces:

    – A list of managed seals
    – A function to load them into the system
    – An association function, i.e., loading usage information
    – A function to define the description of the fields as they will appear on the interfaces

    This Security Seal Management Software is easily customizable, and new functions can be implemented according to customer needs. For a particular client, we added a data export function to an Excel file, allowing them to send it to shipment recipients, and an import function from an Excel file to load information entered by customers.

    For another client, with the above-mentioned export and import functions, we implemented the ability to store the geographical coordinates of the seal so that the location of various used seals could be visualized on a map.

    This brief description of real-use cases aims to highlight how seal management software is very user-friendly yet allows for a high degree of customization.


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